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iProPFD – Primary flight display with attitude, airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, magnetic heading, standard rate turn and slip/skid indication on a glass cockpit style display

iProPFD (Personal Flight Display) is an educational (training) tool and avionics utility which uses the iDevice sensors (magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer and gps) to display attitude (pitch and bank) and heading information to the user on a glass cockpit style display. Also calculated and displayed are airspeed (knots, mph or km/h), altitude (feet or meters), rate of climb or descent (vertical speed in /min or /sec), standard and half-standard rate turn bar and slip/skid indication. The display can also be used in augmented reality mode (HUD – heads up display) to view and record video and take still photos with overlaid instrument data.

Settings can be obtained and set through a tab bar button in iProPFD as well as through the standard Apple Settings App.

iProPFD runs best on iPhone 4 and 4s and iPad 2 with gps. It will run on iPhone 3GS and iPads without gps in reduced capacity. On iPhone 3GS attitude date is derived from accelerometer data. This data is not as smooth as gyro derived data and is subject to large errors when the device is under accelerated motion (i.e., in a turning aircraft). On devices lacking a gps the airspeed, altitude and vertical speed will be blocked out by RED crossbars. If your device does not have an internal gps you can obtain this functionality by using an external gps such as the Bad Elf or Dual gps unit. On iPhone 4, 4s and iPad 2 3G all information is available on the display.

In version 1.0 of iProPFD attitude bank may be displayed incorrectly when used in an aircraft due to Apple’s attitude algorithms which derive the gravity vector according to accelerometer force and use this vector to point to the Earth. In the airplane in a coordinated turn the accelerometer force is toward the bottom of the aircraft along the vertical axis and this does not correlate with the direction of the Earth. A future version of iProPFD will display bank angles using Bit Smartz LLC proprietary algorithms which will accurately portray bank angles.

iProPFD is NOT FAA approved and must NOT be used for primary or backup flight data in an aircraft or other vehicle. Displayed information is informational only and Bit Smartz LLC is NOT responsible for any damage, injury or death resulting from the use of this application. Use of iProPFD is meant for educational, recreational and entertainment purposes ONLY.

Look for continual improvements in future versions of iProPFD.

iProPFD Screenshots